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How should Sellers prepare for closing?

How should Sellers prepare for closing?

Here is a checklist of tips for things every responsible Seller should do before and after closing. If you have any questions, ask your Realtor®!

1. Get instructions, place and time for your closing from the title company or broker. Bring your ID and bank account information for the wire transfer to closing. For your ID, bring your valid state identification, driver’s license, or passport. A passport card cannot be accepted. If you have a remote close, make sure you are working out the logistics with the title company in advance.

2. Don’t ever use email to send wire transfer instructions. Hackers have gotten this information through email and have stolen lots of money.

3. Your contract might have a provision to have your home “professionally cleaned and holes patched”. Check your contract and amendments. At least, clean the house and remove all personal items. Mow the lawn, clean the pool, and leave the home as you a Buyer, would like to find it. A nice courtesy is to leave your list of service providers for the buyer to consider.

4. Check your contract and amendments to make sure all repairs have been completed. Usually, the Buyer will “walk-through” the property before closing to make sure repairs are done and the home is in the same shape it was in when they first viewed the property. 

5. A few days before closing, schedule the termination of your utilities. Send your listing agent a list of whom you called and the termination dates to send to the Buyer agent. Stop the newspaper. Cancel or move your Internet, cable or and satellite subscriptions. Submit your change of address form to the post office.

6. Leave house keys, remotes, gate keys, pool keys, HOA keys, mailbox keys, security codes, garage codes for the buyer and take them with you to closing for the buyer. 

7. Gather appliance, garage, security system manuals, receipts for past repairs and improvements, warranties, and take them to closing or leave them in the kitchen.

8. Leave carpet, paint, flooring and other samples or extras in a conspicuous place.
Check cabinets, drawers, storage for forgotten items.

9. Leave curtains, shelves, TV mounts, pool equipment, openers unless they are excluded in your contract from the sale of the home. 

10. Lock the doors when you leave!

11. Cancel your insurance policies after your deed has been recorded. You should receive a refund for your unused paid premium.

12. Keep for your records; executed contract, addendum’s, sellers disclosure, closing documents and closing statement, in a safe place.

13. If you have personal items to sell to the Buyer, called non-realty items, look at this post – How do we sell appliances and other non-realty items?

14. Sometimes the order of closing changes where you leave the keys and other items. If the Buyer is closing first, you might be asked to leave everything at the house. 

Recently a Seller left a nice gift for the Buyer. They said “What a wonderful surprise when we walked into the home today and saw a lovely welcome gift!”

Welcome gift from home seller to buyer

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