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What type of yard sign does DFWCityhomes provide?

What type of yard sign does DFWCityhomes provide?

DFWCityhomes provides a professional looking yard sign. A professional looking sign is important to make sure buyers realize you have professional and experienced representation. Some buyers think they have a negotiating advantage or think there are problems if you are represented by a flat fee MLS service.

Hand delivered by us to your door, we have a post style sign for our Luxury Home Flat Fee Listing Service and use the same steel frame sign for all of our other service levels to promote our image of professionalism and great service for the buyer, seller, and buyer agents.


Our phone number is on our sign instead of the hand-scribbled direct phone numbers of the seller seen on some flat fee MLS service signs. Don’t let your yard sign send the message “knock 3% off my asking price”.

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