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What are the steps involved in selling my home?

What are the steps involved in selling my home?

When investigating the decision to sell your home, you will need to establish an asking price for it. While some sellers successfully sell their homes on their own, a for-sale-by-owner arrangement can be complicated and requires a great deal of personal time and expertise throughout the process. For this reason, most people consider the fee paid to a Realtor® well worth the investment, for the convenience, time savings and overall guidance provided. Our What are the steps involved in selling my home? Our Realtors® can help you with every aspect of the selling process and represent your needs.

Our Realtors® are able to provide an opinion if your asking price is appropriate for your property or home. In addition, manage the marketing of your home; from front-yard sign to MLS listing, while guiding you in preparing your home to be shown to potential buyers. Once a buyer makes you an offer, Our Realtors® will explain your financial obligation and timing and you can either accept the proposed purchase price or make a counter offer.

Our Realtors® will represent you in making counter offers on your behalf. After you and the Buyer agree on a price, we help schedule inspections and appraisals. We represent you in further negotiations of repairs and work with a title company to draft all necessary paperwork and close the deal. The title company will schedule a date for you to close the transaction and ownership is officially transferred to the buyer.

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