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Why email marketing does not sell houses

Does email marketing sell houses?

I don’t think it does much to help. I am a REALTOR® and It is 8:30 AM on a Friday and I have 9 emails in my junk mail from agents with homes for sale. By the time I finished this post the total was up to 17, by the end of the day I will have more than 100, an everyday occurrence. I am an email target because the Texas Real Estate Commission allows anyone to download my email address among those of the 150,000 or so licensed Texas REALTORS®. These come in all day long covering markets across the entire State of Texas. Not to mention those from investors, lenders, title companies, lead generation companies etc.

There is no way that I can review all of these nor do I care. I have access to MLS and I can target any market for my clients to find available homes. What a waste of time these are. Agents might say email marketing is valuable tool to get a listing. Don’t fall for that. Our Flat Fee MLS Listing Services are affordable and effective because we don’t waste money on worthless advertising.

Tod Franklin REALTOR® Junk Mail

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