DFWCityhomes / How to prepare for your home inspection
So your home is in under contract and the buyer has scheduled a home inspection. Here are a few things to do to prepare that can save a lot of time and effort later.
1). Replace burned out light bulbs. Nonworking lights might suggest an electrical problem. The buyer will request you to have those repaired by a licensed electrician. 
2). Replace dirty air filters. Dirty air filters suggest the system is not working. The buyer will request service from a licensed technician. 
3). Clear clogged and slow drains. Run water down your drains, if clogged or draining slow try some drain cleaner to fix it. A buyer will request you to have those clogged or slow inspected and cleared by a licensed plumber.
4). Make sure there is access to the electrical panel, HVAC system, water heater, crawl space, and attic. They will not move anything in the way. They will charge a fee to come back and complete the inspection when accessible.
5). Stay away from the home during the inspection. This is a time for the buyer to get comfortable with the home and confirm their decision. Inspectors, agents, and buyers do not want you there. Based on the results of the inspection, you can ask questions about the results. 
You went through it when you purchased your home. Buyers want to know what they’re getting into. They what to know what works and doesn’t. It helps them understand how much they might have to put into it. After, they will negotiate which items you are willing to fix or compensate them for to close the deal. 
The results give buyers confidence in their decision. If they don’t want your home we want to know so as soon as possible. That is why the home inspection is the first step towards a successful transaction. 
If the buyer backs out, it’s an opportunity to know what’s wrong with your home. You can fix problems before the next buyer shows up. You might decide to adjust your price to reflect necessary repairs. If not repaired, you can have a response ready for the next buyer.