Important considerations in selling and buying a home are location, condition, size, and price.

Important considerations in selling and buying a home are proximity to major highways, employers, and good schools impact location the most. A good example is the Richardson and Dallas city boundary. A similar home one block into Richardson will carry an additional $30,000 in value because of Richardson’s great schools. Looking for neighborhoods that are growing is the best investment scenario.   Condition is self-explanatory and is judged relative to similar homes of the area and age. When selling a home, you should go through the home and look for cosmetic defects that can be repaired. More serious defects must be repaired or the home should be discounted in price to reflect the defect. Upgrades can definitely enhance the home although it is very difficult to recover investments made in upgrades.

Generally, painting is the most cost-effective improvement to any home.   The worst defects are what I call “Fear and Doubt” items; foundation, electrical, heating and cooling, roof items that show symptoms. Buyers cannot see through walls, floors and ceilings and the risk of unknown defects impacts price and marketability significantly. On the flip side, for a buyer with cash and resources, fear and doubt creates opportunity. A poorly converted porch might scare away other buyers and be cost-effective to remedy by removing it.   Another reason to consider is the exposure a home gets to the market place. Having a home listed in MLS is required to get full market exposure.

Advertising, social networking, open houses, internet, and good signage are important. Conversely, a poorly marketed home or a “for sale by owner” is an opportunity for a savvy buyer.   You must choose a Realtor® like us that can get the job done. And, you can save thousands buying and selling with DFWCityhomes. In our business model we arm you with the facts and smart advice and let you decide the asking or offer price. Combined with sales history, your needs, advice we provide, you are the best expert to make decisions about your needs. Getting the best deal and not over paying transaction fees is a win win situation for any current or future home owner.