12 reasons to list your home during the holidays and some not to

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Home buyers need new homes all year long, some advantages to placing homes on the market during the holiday season include:

  1. If you list your home with DFWCityhomes between now and December 25th, we will relist your home later for free if it is not under contract by January 31st. Keep in mind your home must be off market for 35 days to earn a “new listing” moniker.
  2. Only serious buyers are looking for properties. No time wasted with tire kickers.
  3. Your home will have less competition from other home sellers.
  4. You can dress it up with holiday decorations to make it more attractive.
  5. A warm and cozy home helps with buyer emotions.
  6. Holiday off time can be used to look for homes and home buying can be less stressful for both buyer and seller.
  7. Financial and tax reasons may create deadlines for some buyers to complete a purchase.
  8. People change jobs all year long and January is a seasonally high month for job changes and job transfers.
  9. With your showing account, you can block showing days and times to not interfere with holidays and time off.
  10. You can possibly sell now and negotiate a seller’s temporary lease or delay closing to allow you to get out of your home at a convenient time.
  11. It is easier to buy a home if you do not have to make it contingent on selling your current home. Without a contingency, you can make a more attractive offer and have a better opportunity to buy during the spring, when more properties are on the market.
  12. The holidays are the slow season in residential real estate. Your broker and agent, lender, and title company can spend more time with you to get the job done. Don’t get stuck with the Spring newbies because you waited.

Some of the reasons to wait include:

  1. There are fewer buyers and if you are planning to generate that multi-offer situation it is less likely to occur. The underlying principle of markets is to expose your product to as many buyers as possible to get the highest possible price. 
  2. Most lenders need the buyer to take possession within 60 days of closing to qualify for owner occupant interest rates. Make sure you can time your transaction to get into your new residence as conveniently as possible.
  3. Drive up appeal may be lacking. Properties are just not as attractive in the Winter as they are in the Spring and Summer.
  4. If your home does not sell you might be stuck with a stale listing going into the Spring. In this Buyer’s market, it is not the problem it used to be.
  5. It is easier for kids to change schools in between school years than in the middle of a semester.
  6. The holidays can be an inconvenient time to get your home ready to sell. Less daylight, cold and rainy weather may cause delays and harder work.
  7. it might be easier to focus on your selling goals in the Spring when holidays and end of year job deadlines are not as great of a distraction.

Source: a little help from www.Realtor.org but updated substantially by me. 

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