Kristy Goodwin

Tod Franklin of DFWCityhomes was my realtor for the recent sale of my home and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. Previously, I have used full-service realtors and sold one home on my own, but now I can unequivocally say that Tod is the right choice! Not only was realtor fee substantially reduced, but he also saved me money when my buyer tried renegotiating. I received multiple offers and Tod went through each one, listing the pros and cons, helping me make the best choice. Tod stayed calm and made sure that every decision made was knowledgeable and not impulsive. After having seen how my sale was handled and how much Tod helped me, many of my family and friends have said they will be calling him when they sell their homes. I highly recommend DFWCityhomes and Tod Franklin as your next realtor!


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1218 Huntington Drive Richardson Texas 75080
Kristy GoodwinRichardson, Texas