8913 Creekside Drive

Steven Jonas

If you don’t use Tod Franklin and DFW Cityhomes you are literally throwing thousands of dollars away. I have to admit that I was skeptical of their pricing being so low. How could one real estate agency charge 3% of the selling price to list our home ($18,000) while DFWCityhomes charges less than $2,000? Well here’s the difference …… Tod did everything a listing real estate agent would do except actually show the home in person. He came and discussed pricing strategies, did comps of houses like ours in our area, took amazing photos and listed us on MLS …. just like the real estate agents that charge 3%! The only difference is that instead of having your agent make appointments to meet prospective buyers at your property, DFWCityhomes uses a service that contacts you by text or email to advise you when someone wants to view your home and you can either be there or not as DFWCityhomes provides you with a lockbox so other agents can access your home for approved appointments. Also, you get to determine what times and days you will make your property available and when it isn’t. It was so easy! We sold our house for OVER asking price to the first prospective buyer. Tod took care of all of the paperwork and answered all our questions and concerns and was critical in making sure the deal closed.
I will NEVER pay 3% again, and neither should you.


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8913 Creekside Drive
Steven JonasRowlett, Texas