Home Sellers – How To Protect Your Home During Showings From Coronavirus

Home Sellers – How to protect your home during showings from coronavirus

Home sellers - How to protect your home during showings from coronavirus
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Buyers need to see homes to make a final buying decision and that’s difficult to do without visiting your property. I am working with many sellers that are concerned about the safety of their family during the coronavirus outbreak. There are some steps you can take to improve that protection without taking your home off the market.

I met with a seller yesterday and they are requesting buyers to wear surgical gloves while in the home. To do that they have set a box of gloves at the front door for buyers and agents to wear. I am adding this requirement to ShowingTime instructions that buyers and agents must put on these gloves before entering the property. On the way out, they place the gloves in a waste box to dispose of them.

That is a fairly simple step to add a layer of protection. If you don’t have access to surgical gloves you could put out hand sanitizer to accomplish similar protection or place signs directing them to a bathroom to wash hands before touring. We can add these requirements to the ShowingTime instructions to set expectations for protection during showings. We can ask buyers to keep hands in pockets, not to touch anything unnecessarily, not open cabinets or drawers. Our goal is to help keep the home on the market and minimize the threat of coronavirus.

Eliminating disinterested buyers before they come see the home is our best option. The best solution might be to offer group FaceTime tours. These hosted by the seller with buyers and agents on the phone to video tour the property remotely. This virtual tour can easily be hosted by sellers with a smart phone in place of a first visit.

Virtual FaceTime group tours can work like this. We add your phone number to ShowingTime for the buyer agent to text you directly to request and schedule a group FaceTime tour. When at the house at that time of the tour, you start the call by adding the buyers and agent to a group FaceTime call on your phone. Instructions for setting up a group FaceTime call are at https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT209022. Of course, similar systems will work in place of the Apple group FaceTime tour.

On FaceTime, you can answer questions and take directions to show specific functions and features and walk them through the rooms of the home and yard. Just remember you don’t need nor have to discuss confidential information during these tours. Of course, agents will ask why you’re selling, what is the age of the roof, etc. Simply ask them to send an email to your DFWCityhomes listing agent with any follow up questions and we will get with you and back to them with answers. That way you don’t have to be drawn Into a discussion about offer terms, home condition, sellers disclosure items, etc. The focus is on seeing the home not structuring a deal.

Another option is to hire a professional to record a video walk through or simply create one yourself. The goal is to protect all parties and not create the perfect high-tech video. We can post your tour on YouTube and direct buyers and agents to view the online tour before scheduling an on site tour. Just pull out your phone and do it and send to us and we will take it from there.

Lastly, if you want to take your home off the market for total protection, we can change the status to “temporarily off the market” and you can wait it out. There’s no additional charge for making this status change and any other change suggested herein. You tell us when you want to change or remove any restrictions, or go back on the market.

For DFWCityhomes sellers, call or email with your instructions, send us your video tour, and we will set it up. Let us know if you have any other ideas.