Limited Service Flat Fee MLS Listing • $495 Setup Fee • $0 Representation Fee

Our Limited Service Flat Fee MLS Listing is designed for experienced sellers looking for control and a lower-cost solution. This service is suited for sellers that are knowledgeable in the correct use of forms and contracts adopted by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC).

All services are delivered remotely. You provide the pictures, optional walk-through video, and lockbox. We provide the MLS Listing and forward all leads and inquiries to you. You handle the contracts and communications with buyers and agents. Take a look at our list of features and call us at (214) 207-0210 to talk about it.‌

  • Includes a Zoom or Teams initial video conference to meet you and discuss your needs.
  • During your online consultation, we discuss in detail how our Limited Service Flat Fee service works. We review your listing agreement and market analysis. Provide advice on pricing strategies, and how you work with buyers and agents. We explain how to sell your home and work with agents and buyers.
  • All services are delivered remotely.
  • We provide advice and opinion on request through closing.
  • Your home is on hundreds of websites including®, Trulia, Zillow, and Real Estate Firms. Also posted on FaceBook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, and more. ‌
  • We forward to you the leads for qualified non-represented buyers. You show it and save 2-3% if not paid to the buyer broker.
  • Flyer, and the ShowingTime showing service is included.
  • $495 paid in advance. We recommend 2-3% of the sales price paid to the buyer broker at closing. ‌
  • Your listing is advertised as a limited service listing with your name and phone number as the contact. You will answer questions, and handle offers and negotiations.

DFWCityhomes has the results of 6% real estate brokerages with reduced service prices. Our face-to-face approach allows us to develop the high-trust working relationship we want to have with you. Our goal is to take the market share away from 6% real estate brokers.

How do we do it? Our overhead is lower. Our competition has gorgeous offices with beautiful furniture and lots of salespeople. We office at home and we don’t waste a lot of money on unproductive advertising.

Please visit our listing comparison chart at Flat Fee MLS Listing Services • Pick a Plan to Suit Your Needs for more details.

Interested in learning more? Click Contact Us or Call (214)-207-0210 for service.