About DFWCityhomes

DFWCityhomes, Realtors® is a Discount Brokerage that represents buyers and sellers across Texas.

The banner image is from a photo that’s been in the family for almost 100 years. It is from a Franklin family grocery business picnic in 1926 in El Paso Texas. My grandfather is on the left side bottom row. He’s the guy with the white shirt, tie, and hat with legs crossed. He’s sitting next to my grandmother and my great-grandmother, uncles, and more. My father is a little kid on the right. My grandfather was an entrepreneur and with his brothers had established NewWay Markets, a grocery chain, and sold out to Safeway in 1928. I am proud to follow his entrepreneurial spirit.

Owning and operating a real estate agency is a second career for me, I started DFWCityhomes in 2004 when I could see the road at my corporate job coming to an end. With more than 25 years in technology, finance, and marketing, I was determined to control my own destiny in my next career. My passion for real estate began as a teenager in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In one of my part-time high school jobs, I was a laborer on a construction site. Eventually, I worked my way up to be a full-fledged framer and fell in love with the idea of owning my own home someday. If the construction industry had not fallen apart due to the oil crisis of the early 70s I might have become a home builder.

In 2004, the real estate market was booming and I started down the real estate investor route buying, fixing, and selling homes. Initially, I obtained my real estate license to reduce my acquisition and selling costs as an investor. After a couple of years, I found buying and selling other people’s properties was the most rewarding. I decided to obtain my broker’s license and rebooted DFWCityhomes as a real estate brokerage. In 2009, I repositioned our service to target the “full service Realtors®” of the residential real estate market and create a new reduced fee tier competing with full service brokerage. I am elated by the success of this model.

Our strong commitment to success, honesty, truthfulness and excellent service has resulted in hundreds of happy clients. We strive to offer an honest and affordable real estate service (1% Buyer Rebate, 1% Full Service Listing, $495 Virtual Flat Fee MLS Listing Service, and Luxury Home Flat Fee Listing Service) to build long-term high trust relationships. If you or someone you know can benefit from the services we offer please provide our contact information or send us theirs and we will contact them. Over the past 15 years, we have purchased, sold, and leased over $313 million of 901 properties. Our properties include residential, multi-family, residential land, and farm-ranch land. You can see from our many reviews, our clients are pleased with our service and results that equal or exceed those of traditional Realtors®.

I am very proud of our accomplishment in commission savings and our client’s experience with an average cost of less than 2.5%. In comparison to full service 6% Realtors®, our success has resulted in approximate savings of $6,900,000. Almost $700,000 of that savings is representative of nearly 0% in selling costs for clients having found unrepresented buyers without agents to pay. Almost uniformly 3% has been paid to Realtors® of represented buyers. And, of our buyers, over $310,000 in our 1% incentive rebates has been paid to 101 purchasers.

I take tremendous pride in the high quality of our service and the results of our highly valued, high-trust client relationships. Our efforts add volume and stability to our business and substantial savings are put in the pockets of our clients or passed as an incentive to close a deal. We are fully committed to serving our clients professionally and ethically and eliminating many of the conflicts of interest residing in the traditional 6% Realtors® model.

For our effort, we have many repeat and referral clients. Extraordinary competence and experience are attained from our business model. Coupled with honesty and integrity attained by minimizing conflicts of interest is a highly differentiating factor in our success.

From Realtors® representing the other side in our transactions, regretfully we find many with far less experience. Our goal is to make every transaction a successful transaction with reduced friction as evidenced by our offer suggestions. We achieve high-trust relationships with our clients serving their interests first before our own and survive and flourish by doing so. I am very proud of our conduct and strongly support the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Realtors and uphold the duty it instills in us to our clients and the public.

Best Regards,

Tod G. Franklin – Realtor®, Broker, Owner, and multi-million dollar producer at DFWCityhomes