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When should I update my sellers disclosure?

Any time a seller has new information about the condition of the property the sellers disclosure should be updated. Here is an explanation from the Texas Association of Realtors (TAR). “While the Texas Property Code doesn’t state that a seller is obligated to update the form, common law requires a […]

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A tale of two markets

Steve Brown’s Dallas Morning News article highlights difference in the below $300,000 market and the above $300,000 market.  Overall inventory is at its highest level in four years. Homes listed above $300,000 are selling slower.   One analyst says it’s an indication the market is beginning to turn. In my […]

How do we sell appliances and other non-realty items?

“Non-Realty Items” are personal property and can be about anything – refrigerator, pool table, furniture, boats, jet skis…you name it! These items can find their way into a contract on the Non-Realty Items Addendum. If they are more than what is customary (like a refrigerator), these items can be viewed […]