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We are highly competent and experienced flat fee real estate professionals.

At a fraction of the cost, our REALTORS® represent buyers and sellers in Texas.

In addition to great savings, our clients experience full real estate agent representation at most levels.

Additionally, our real estate service is hassle-free, proven, and effective.

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Big rebate for buyers

List anywhere in Texas MLS with a full-service experience

We do the speaking
You do not have to speak to a buyer or agent

You only pay a flat fee to sell

Our Success Includes

Listed, purchased, sold, and leased over $313 million of 901 properties

Average selling cost of 3.5% and savings of $6.9 million compared to 6% agents

Average buyer savings of 1% or $310,000 to 101 Purchasers

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Flat Fee MLS Listing

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Virtual Flat Fee MLS Listing

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Luxury Flat Fee MLS Listing

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Full Flat Fee MLS Listing

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Sell or Lease Flat Fee MLS Listing

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Buyer Rebate

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Limited Service Flat Fee Listing (FSBO)

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High-Quality Results and Service You Can Trust

Our real estate services are honest and affordable and designed for creating long-term high-trust relationships.

Subsequently, we take pride in our honesty, deep experience, excellent representation, and excellent communication.

High-Quality Service at an Affordable Price

Even more, we take pride in high-quality results and value high-trust relationships.

As a result, we have many repeat and referral clients.

Our efforts put real savings in the pockets of our clients.

Consequently, we eliminate the conflicts of interest inherent in the traditional REALTOR® model.

Because of our efforts, outstanding competence is the reward of our model.

Whereas conflicts of interest are cut out and that sets us apart in our success.

Above all, our relationships are our most valuable asset.

Accordingly, we serve our client's interests before our own and flourish by doing so.

Most importantly, the Code of Ethics of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® guides our way of conduct to our clients and the public.

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