What is Full Representation? What does that mean?

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Unlike other discount brokers, you don’t ever have to speak directly to a buyer, seller, or their representative unless you want to. We handle those communications for you with your full understanding and approval of what we say. 

Full representation means we are representing your best interest and acting on your behalf in communication with the buyer or seller and their representatives. Your listing agreement and buyer’s representation agreement defines these duties. That means we operate with full transparency between ourselves and our clients on their behalf. Beyond finding homes to buy or buyers to purchase, our duty is to do our best to make sure you understand the terms and obligations, timing, expense, and best options in a contract and negotiate on your behalf with your full knowledge and agreement.

  • As your seller’s broker, we have the duty to market your house as broadly as possible, disclose and present all offers, and have no duty to the buyer other than disclosure of known defects. Our main objective is to act honestly and fairly and get you the best deal that will close.
  • As your buyer’s broker, we have the duty to find a house that’s “right” for you, negotiate the best price for you, and disclose anything negative found about any property to you with no duty to the seller. Our main objective is to get you a good deal on the right property.
  • In all cases, we never represent both sides of a transaction.

Full representation does not mean we have the authority to make decisions big or small on your behalf. We are required to present all offers and counter offers fairly and with your best interest in mind and disclose all material information. We are not allowed to act as Attorneys and create new terms and conditions and we are required to disclose any property defects to all parties in a transaction. 

We strive for long-term, high trust relationships to become recommended by you to your family and friends. Our services are designed to put your needs first, minimize conflicts of interest, and disclose any adverse situations that might come to exist.

To become our client, you are asked to sign and acknowledge the form “Information About Brokerage Services”. This document is required by law to be presented at our first meeting and explains the various potential roles of agents and brokers in a transaction. The intent is making sure you know the role of whom you are dealing with and those that they are protecting.  

Notice: This website contains general information about possible legal and financial matters. The information is not advice, and should not be treated as such. You must not rely on the information on this website as an alternative to legal or financial advice from your attorney, accountant or other professional legal services provider. If you have any specific questions about any legal and financial matter you should consult your attorney, accountant or other professional legal services provider

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