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Do you have any hidden fees for your services?

Do you have any hidden fees for your services?

DFWCityhomes does not have hidden fees. Fees for services are clearly described in our Listing Services and in our Buyer Rebate Services. All buyer commissions are paid by the seller’s broker at the closing of the transaction. All seller charges are listed in the Listing Agreement and bundled into the Setup Fee or Representation Fee. We do not charge additional fees for the initial on site consultation, professional pictures, videos, phone and email consultation, price changes, open house advertising, lock boxes, showings, showing service, signage, flyers, internet advertising or anything else.

Are there any other fees we should know about?

For our services, if signs or lock boxes are lost, damaged or stolen we have a replacement fee and if we have to come out for new photos we have a unplanned trip charge. We do not require deposits of any kind for equipment. Many of our Flat Fee Listing Competitors have additional fees for these items. When you add them up you will conclude we have the best Flat Fee MLS Listing Service in Texas.

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