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How do I find out the condition of a home?

How do I find out the condition of a home?

We recommend you hire a licensed professional home inspector to inspect the home. Home Sellers can identify defects and malfunctions in the Sellers Disclosure. This is helpful information but we do not rely on the home Seller to analyze the home condition.

A professional home inspection is a visual inspection of condition of a home. Inspectors look for items not functioning within guidelines of the “Standards of Practice” established by the Texas Real Estate Commission. Inspectors report findings and can recommend further evaluation by a specific trade (structural engineer report).

What does the home inspection cover?

A home inspection is not a warranty and is not a code inspection. A home inspector will not “pass or fail” a house. Armed with the information provided by the inspector you can make a decision to terminate the contract and receive the return of your earnest money or negotiate repairs and compensation.

We ask you to participate in the home inspection and review the report with the inspector at the end of the physical inspection. He will share with you his opinion about the details of the report. He will not put his opinion in the report. 

We assist you with this determination and negotiate on your behalf. There are many factors specific to a home and market that you should be aware of to begin this process. We will work on your behalf to get you the best possible deal.

The home inspector report will review the condition of the home’s components listed including:

Inspection of Structural Systems
House Foundation
Grading and Drainage
Roof Covering
Roof Structure & Attic insulation
Ceilings and Floors
Porches, Decks, and Carports

Inspection of Electrical Systems
Service Entrance and Panels
Branch Circuits-Connected Devices and Fixtures
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
Heating Equipment
Cooling Equipment
Ducts and Vents

Inspection of Plumbing System
Water Supply System & Fixtures
Drains, Wastes, Vents
Water Heating Equipment
Hydro-Therapy Equipment

Inspection of Appliances
Food Waste Disposal
Range Hood
Ranges/Ovens/Cook tops
Microwave Cooking Equipment
Trash Compactor
Bathroom Exhaust Fans and/or Heaters
Whole House Vacuum Systems
Garage Door Operators
Door Bell & Chime
Dryer Vents
Other Built-In Appliances

Inspection of Optional Systems
Lawn Sprinkler
Swimming Pools & Equipment
Outdoor Cooking Equipment
Gas Lines
Water Wells
Septic Systems
Fire Protection Equipment

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