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My home has not sold. What do I do?

My home has not sold. What do I do?

Our listing agreements allow you to cancel your listing at anytime without penalty as long as your property is not in a contract with a buyer. We give our clients the freedom to go in another direction should they decide to move on.

Keep in mind our listings match the quality and reach of any brokers listing. If you are planning to change brokers, the result might not change without reducing price or improving condition.

In marketing your property, you can only control the two major elements of your selling proposition; price and condition. After you have completed all of the cleaning and restoration activities to sell your home, price becomes the determining factor of when your home will sell. 

To assist you in your pricing decisions, we provide a Competitive Marketing Analysis (CMA) report of all Real Estate Activity for your market area. The data in the CMA is from the MLS system and is the only reported database of residential real estate transaction activity. This includes homes sold, active (for sale), pending (under contract), and cancelled, expired or other lesser used statuses for your market area. The historical selling prices of homes combined with other current market information is reviewed to derive your initial asking price. We produce as many CMA’s as required to fully understand your market and review this information with you and provide our advice and opinion.

There are lots of ways to look at market activity in your market area. Buyers, sellers, and appraisers, are all looking at the same information and interpreting the information to suit their needs. You should consider, home size, the number of rooms and bathrooms, garage spaces, pools and other outdoor amenities, lot size, property type, age, condition, and any other unique features. Weigh that information against comparable homes that have sold in making your pricing decisions.

The overriding pricing philosophy is to start a little bit high and move the asking price down if you are not getting the number of showings and feedback you expect. We call this approach a reverse auction. In other words start high moving the price down until you find your buyer. This way the market decides your value and not a 6% agent trying to score a fast commission

There is an old saying that “time cures all in real estate” meaning given enough time, in some cases years, your home will sell for what you want for it. This means if you wish to sell it faster reduce the price or make it more attractive. 

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