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What is a Buyer Rebate?

What is a Buyer Rebate?

A buyer rebate is a payment to you at closing for the privilege of doing business with you. 

With our buyer rebate we will pay you up to 1% of the price of your new home for the privilege of helping you buy your home as an incentive to work with us. When buying a home, the seller pays us a commission. We give one-third of that commission back to you as an incentive to you and you save a lot of money. It is your money!

You can use your incentive to:
1. Pay for inspections and appraisals to lower your closing costs.
2. Buy new furniture with your incentive check.
3. Anything else that comes to mind!

Our minimum commission is 2%. In some instances your incentive payment is reduced if the seller is offering less than 3% to the buying agent.

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