Why are great pictures so important?

Besides price and location, great pictures are the most important marketing component in a home sale.

Recently, one of our long-term clients asked us to quickly list the home at 3221 Catamore lane in Dallas and provided his cell phone pictures to expedite the listing. Given his low quality pictures we listed the property on a Wednesday. On Sunday, we took new pictures and updated the listing. We had two showings in 5 days. After new pictures, we had 13 more showings in 5 weekdays. The results of this experiment are clear, great pictures launched a tremendous increase in showings and is to contribute to finding a better buyer, faster close, and higher returns.

Ask any buyer and agent, after price and location, the very next consideration is pictures. All buyers want to buy a home that is the best choice for their budget, unique, beautiful and one to be proud of. Poor quality pictures suggest a cheap owner, low maintenance, uncaring attitude, and tells the agent to expect an inexperienced seller and selling agent in the transaction.

As a feature of in-home listing services, We take all listing pictures and pass the savings to the seller. We have invested over $10,000 in equipment and software and hundreds of hours of my time. Our proprietary technique consistently produces the most appealing pictures possible for any home. Our primary camera is a full frame Nikon Z6 with a Nikkor Z 14-30 mm wide angle lens. Comparably the highest resolution and exposure range available.

All pictures are a composite set of 3-5 pictures. Each set taken on a tripod from low to high exposure using a technique called High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging. On my computer, these sets are combined using special software to produce the sharp magazine quality picture seen with balanced lighting from front to back. In the process, each picture is Photoshopped to correct lens distortion, balance lighting and color, straighten walls, sharpen and reduce for web display, flyer and brochure.