Point of Contact

A real estate sales point of contact is a person or entity that serves as the primary contact for buyers or sellers of real estate. They facilitate communication between parties, answer questions and provide property information. The point of contact negotiates contracts, schedules showings and coordinates closings. Usually, they are licensed agents or brokers with local market knowledge and expertise to advise clients.

In Texas, a real estate agent is not required to be the central point of contact in a real estate transaction. However, if a real estate agent is involved in the transaction, they are required to disclose their status as a licensed real estate agent to all parties involved in the transaction.

Additionally, if the real estate agent is representing one of the parties in the transaction, they may act as the central point of contact and facilitate communication between the parties. However, this is not a legal requirement and parties to a real estate transaction are free to communicate directly with each other if they choose to do so.

It’s worth noting that while a real estate agent is not required to be the central point of contact, they can provide valuable assistance and guidance throughout the transaction process. A licensed real estate agent can help with tasks such as property showings, negotiating offers, preparing contracts, and coordinating with other professionals involved in the transaction.