Hey Texas. Shouldn’t Real Estate Commissions Be Lower?

Looking to sell your home in Texas? Real estate agents have it easier than ever before thanks to the internet, but some things haven’t changed – like their sky-high commission rates. In fact, with rising home prices, it’s getting harder to justify paying such steep fees. That’s where DFWCityhomes comes in. Our flat fee MLS listing service can help you save big on commissions, so you can keep more money in your pocket. Say goodbye to those outdated 6% rates and hello to a better way of selling your home.

Source: Median and Average Sales Prices of New Homes Sold in United States in 2021. This infographic looks at The outdated 6% real estate commission system designed in the 1970's, still upheld by many brokerages.
Source: Median and Average Sales Prices of New Homes Sold in United States in 2021. Researching the market is no longer an Easter Egg Hunt where only the agent knows where the homes for sale are. Tools, technology, and rules of fairness have made finding homes, writing contracts, negotiating, presenting, and executing contracts, more efficient than ever before.

DFWCityhomes is an established Flat Fee MLS listing Service and Full Service real estate company that represents buyers and sellers in Texas. Our clients receive a full service experience with Realtor® representation at a fraction of the cost. Our simplified process is hassle free, proven, and effective.

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