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DFWCityhomes Buyer Rebate Program

We will pay you a 1% rebate of the price of your new home at closing for the privilege of helping you buy your home. When buying a home, the seller pays us a commission. We give one-third of that commission back to you as an incentive to you and you save a lot of money. It is your money! You can use your incentive to:

  • Pay for inspections and appraisals to lower your closing costs.
  • Buy new furniture with your incentive check.
  • Anything else that comes to mind!

What’s the Buyer Rebate $ Incentive Program?

  • Guide you through the home search process and set up a website for you that has up-to-date listings of homes that meet your criteria.
  • Setup showings and take you to see homes of your liking.
  • Estimate your buyer incentive and closing expenses.
  • Provide you a Buyer Representation Agreement that locks in your buyer incentive.
  • Help you find financing, get your pre-approval letter and lender financing approval.
  • Accompany you while viewing homes of interest.
  • Negotiate advantageous pricing and terms for you by representing your best interests and consulting with you about all negotiations.
  • Negotiate seller paid repairs and improvements.
  • Explain all contracts, forms, documents and disclosures.
  • Guide you through the entire closing process and go with you when signing the closing documents.
  • Obtain your house keys and give you your incentive payment at closing.
  • Ready to Buy? Call (214) 207-0210 for Immediate Service.

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You get all the benefits of full service and receive a 1% cash incentive. Your DFWCityhomes agent is a licensed professional and your partner throughout the home buying process. We bring years of transaction experience and in-depth local market knowledge.

Things to know:

  • Available anywhere in the Dallas Fort Worth D-FW Metroplex. DFWCityhomes can only pay your rebate at closing if it is included on your closing statement.
  • Your loan program may reduce, limit, or prohibit your incentive. Talk to your lender about your options about how to properly disclose and receive payment.
  • Your Incentive is based on the standard commission of 3% of the market price paid to us by the seller’s broker for representing you in the transaction. Our minimum commission is 2% of the purchase price with a minimum purchase price of $200,000.

1% Buyer Rebate ($300,000 Example) Other 6% MLS Realtors
Type of Client Qualified Buyer needing services that are professional and the same as those offered by 6% real estate companies. Minimum purchase price of $200,000. Available anywhere in the Dallas Fort Worth D-FW metroplex.  Any qualified Buyer looking to buy a home.
Agent Commission 3% paid by Seller to agent at closing. 2% paid to DFWCityhomes. 1% credited by DFWCityhomes to you. 3% paid by Seller to agent at closing.
Cost to You We pay you 1% of the price of your new home for the privilege of helping you buy your home. $0.
Term 6 months or the same as your listing agreement. Your Buyer Representation Agreement includes your Buyer Rebate commitment from us to you in writing. You must work exclusively with us to find your home to purchase. You can cancel at any time. Usually 6 months and sometimes with residual rights to a commission and a fight to cancel before end of term.
Buyer Rebate Using the $300,000 example, $3,000 paid to you subject to lender requirements. Use it for closing costs or anything else that comes to mind! Buyers get $0. Plus, you may have hidden costs in time and lost opportunities.
Support We show you homes and provide any support you require to purchase your new home. Any, as long as commissions look promising and expertise isn’t in question.
Forms and Contracts All forms and contracts are completed and prepared by DFWCityhomes and approved by you. All forms and contracts.
Electronic Signature DocuSign. Varies by Agent and Broker.
Offer Price We help you determine your offer price that fits your market and situation. We use Competitive Marketing Analysis (CMA) and confidential Agent Reports to understand your market and make recommendations. Competitive Marketing Analysis (CMA) Reports with selectively chosen properties to convince you to agree with their buying strategy.
On-site Assistance We do it all and provide advice and opinion one on one as required to purchase your home. We assist you in acquiring loan approval, making offers, previewing homes, finding inspectors, negotiations, working with title companies and anything else required to get you in your hew home. All on-site assistance as long as commissions still look promising.
Showings We open homes based on instructions provided by CSS, seller, or agent. We set up appointments and show you homes you are interested in. Service and representation as required to help a buyer buy your home or any other they can put them in.
Finding Homes We analyze your needs and provide you with an MLS Buyer Portal. This is a personalized website that displays homes that meet your requirements in your market area. It notifies you when new homes come on the market at the same time agents and other third party sites are notified. With this up-to-date information we can compete with any buyer to get you the best homes as they come available. Tools for Buyers vary by agent. Keep in mind MLS is the only source of homes listed by agents. All sites get their listed home information from MLS. Some have additional For Sale By Owner (FSBO) offerings. Failure to remove sold homes from these sites leads the public into thinking offerings are vastly different.
Other Assistance We encourage you to use any tools available to find your dream home. Open house showings vary by agent. For 6% agents, open houses are an effective technique to find more sellers and buyers for themselves.
Making Offers We submit offers on your behalf. We explain contracts and terms and construct an offer based on your requirements and the sellers to present the best possible offer for acceptance. We are very familiar with multiple offers and unique opportunities. Texas law requires all agents to pass all material information between the seller and another broker. 6% realtors are highly interested in closing deals and may find it difficult to avoid putting their interests above yours.
Participation We respond to any requirements required of the parties and coordinate access to the property. We guide the closing process and participate in closing at the title company with you. We take care of any requirements with your participation as necessary. A high level of interest is applied to closing activities. Varies by agent and is driven by commission opportunities.
Licensing DFWCityhomes and its Real Estate Professionals are licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC). TREC is the state agency responsible for licensing real estate professionals in Texas. Our license number is 581738 for our Company and 0540728 for our Broker. We are fully compliant with current Texas state law and real estate commission rules. All Texas realtors must be licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC). TREC is the state agency responsible for licensing real estate professionals in Texas.