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Is there a best time to buy and sell a home in DFW?

Is there a best time to buy and sell a home in DFW?

Generally, the DFW real estate market picks up in the early spring and slows toward the end of the summer. Homes sell all year round. The DFW market works like any other based on supply and demand. Your Realtor® can help you evaluate the market with a Comparative Market Analysis. Homes at lower prices in popular locations are less sensitive to seasonal market activity. Look at the chart below to help you visualize the seasonal real estate market cycle.

When does the market begin to slow down?

During the summer, the DFW market usually slows a little bit as we get closer to the start of school. Sometimes, it is said the strong spring market often places upward pressure on interest rates. After the summer slowdown, DFW sales activity tends to pick up for a second fall round, although less vigorous, a season which usually lasts to Thanksgiving. Between the Thanksgiving holiday and New Years is the slowest time of year. Keep in mind the biggest driving force behind home demand is jobs and interest rates. People are moved in their jobs all year round and interest rates are not seasonal.

Should I take my home off the market for the holidays?

Sellers often wonder whether or not they should take their homes off the market for the holidays. Generally speaking, you’ll have the best results if your house is available to show to prospective buyers continuously until it sells. There are still buyers in the marketplace, but now those buyers have fewer homes to choose from. Those homes on the market at that time have considerably less competition. Your Realtor® can help you with this decision.

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