What is the difference between a Flat Fee MLS Listing and Full Service MLS Listing?

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The primary difference between the Flat Fee MLS Listing Service and Full Service MLS Listing is the following:

The Flat Fee MLS LIsting is an Agency Listing. We do not show your home and do not hold open houses for non-represented Buyers. All leads go to you and if you find your own buyer you do not pay the advertised Buyer Agent Commission.

Full Service MLS Listing clients receive priority support, open houses, home showings to non-represented Buyers, printed flyers, display box, attendance by us at closing, intermediary role at no extra charge if the Buyer is non-represented. 

All MLS Listing Service Clients receive Full Representation and do not have to talk to Buyers and Buyer Agents unless they want to.

See the page at MLS Listing Services for more details.

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